Immunizations and Antibiotics


We support the vaccine schedule supported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Vaccines help to reduce the incidence of many illnesses that once caused significant morbidity and mortality.  In addition to preventing illness in the child who receives the vaccines, vaccines help our population as a whole maintain health, protects unborn babies, and protects fertility.

We are happy to discuss immunizations, their benefits, their risks, and your concerns about immunizations.  There is no conclusive evidence that vaccines cause autism or toxicity, or that its components are harmful in the amounts found in the vaccines that we use.

Families that do not follow the CDC endorsed vaccine schedule will be required to sign the American Academy of Pediatrics Refusal to Vaccinate Form.


We will prescribe antibiotics when clinically appropriate.  We do not routinely prescribe antibiotics for every upper respiratory infection because many upper and lower respiratory infections are caused by viruses, which are not cured or reduced by antibiotics.